My Process and Inspiration

I feel physically better when I paint, energized and connected to my true self, my spirit. My breath slows, time no longer exists, and I am in my 'flow'. When I put my paint brush down I see how quickly time has passed. I often begin ideas in my sketch books, and once an idea feels ready, I begin to work on the canvas. Often the painting 'grows' in the process, there is always room for improvisation. The full meaning of a piece often arrives when the painting is complete.

It is often the experience of being in nature and its healing power which I like to explore in my paintings. For me nature is a 'feast for the eye', it mesmerizes me and I become absorbed in its ever changing forms; how the wind makes the leaves dance, the detail on a moth's wing, a flower which 'hums' with colour. I often use a sense of movement in my paintings and try to capture the energy and joy nature gives me. I also love to depict a sense of playfulness and the magical, marrying these ingredients on my canvas is what inspires me.



Each commission is very different, but I I have found through experience its best not to be too 'prescriptive' when you have something in mind. For instance, 'a painting of a hare in a field', is enough information, leave the rest to me! The process has to evolve organically, otherwise the work will lack a life of its own. I feel its worth mentioning that, as a painter I stay true my style, generally people have contacted me because they like my style, so this is rarely a concern.

If you are interested in having a bespoke piece, bear in mind I need at least two months notice. (This also depends on the size of the painting, and more time may be required) Often I will be working on other pieces at the same time, so to give 'your' painting the research and design time it deserves and contact me well in advance. I don't ever do work 'on the quick' as this does not resonate with my work ethic, each piece deserves to be executed with love and thoughtfulness from beginning to end.

Usually I will discuss the idea with a client, the size of the painting and/or drawing and I will then get back to them with further details. So, please feel free to email me