My name is Sophie and I am a painter. During the 1970's I grew up in the idyllic countryside of North Devon, in the UK. My family and I lived in an old farm house, no cows or sheep though, just cats and visits from the local wildlife; nesting swallows, mice, and plenty of spiders! Between the flared jeans and power cuts, my Sister Hanna, became 'the only punk in the village', Mum grew her own vegetables and put posters of David Essex on the kitchen door. Dad drew moustaches on David Essex, built a restoration business and I drew pictures.

I spent most of my time drawing the things I saw around me; our sleeping cats, Dad in his studio, my sister's ever-changing outfits, Mum working in the garden. I also drew things from my imagination and my dreams.

As I grew up, I continued to draw and studied Art and Design at the local college. At the age of 19, I moved to South Wales and studied a Degree in Fine Art (BA, Honours) specialising in Video Art and Film Theory. After graduating I moved to Cardiff, and two years later studied for a Post Graduate in Independent Film Making. All the while, I kept sketch books, and drawing stayed very much part of my life.

I worked on a variety of films and documentaries in all kinds of roles; set dressing, storyboarding, set painting, and prop buying I still have an eye for a bargain! In the late 1990's I got the opportunity to write and direct a couple of short films myself, with BBC Wales and HTV Wales.

About the same time I ran video workshops for adults with learning difficulties and other opportunities came my way. I worked freelance with the Welsh National Opera and with Valley and Vale Community Arts, facilitating video workshops in schools and with people from all walks of life.

Working freelance felt precarious at times, and 'something' was pulling at my heart. I tried to be sensible and applied for a 'proper job' - thinking it would be the answer to all my worries, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I felt stifled and knew very quickly this wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I needed to leave film and video behind and move on, it simply wasn't 'gelling' with me anymore, my heart belonged elsewhere. Although there was wisdom in these feelings I wasn't entirely sure 'where' they were leading me. I decided to move back to Devon, and did some much needed 'soul searching'. Living in a rural area again connected me back to my love of nature and it felt 'second nature' to turn to drawing as my primary creative outlet. It wasn't long before my ideas leapt from my sketch books onto the canvas I realised that 'thing' I needed to do was paint. I'd come home to me and haven't looked back since. Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy!